Monday, 22 December 2014

Give life

I believe music helps inspire people. And I believe people need to be more inspired in themselves and their environments. This helps grow the seed that was planted In us all. Nourishment is given and our stalks grow long and stretch for the sky. We sometimes lose our pedals but always find a way to grow back new ones. The inspiration we seek is embedded in the roots of life. We all somehow know what we want. Maybe we don't know how to get there or which path to chose to lead us there. Sometimes our destination is unclear. But in giving ourselves a chance, a chance at life, it becomes more prevalent what we really want to do. Take this for an example. Thousands of students attend university with no clear path as to what they really enjoy. Most students get by in their first and second year struggling to understand themselves. This is why academics strengthen the mind and soul in a universal calling kind of way. The struggle allows our inner demons to come out. We battle night and day contemplating to ourselves why we are here, what we like what we don't like, what teachers are giving hard times. What courses are easier. Everyone's experience is different. The commonality is that even though each one of those students may not be happy with the course they are in ( and may sometimes switch majors multiple times) they all possess the strive to understand themselves and eventually find what they really love. It may take 2 years it may take 10 years. The difference is in the mind and how we hash out every little aspect even through we are not clear on where we are headed. The universe has a plan for us. We all can provide some equity to the pot. We all have the ability to give something back that could in turn help another give back. I want to help protect the soul. I want to understand the human condition as it is represented among historians, culture icons and music lovers. I want to connect and find appropriate ways at attacking challenging social issues. I want to help protect the soul. Give warmth to cold hearts. Give bread to hungry tummies. I want to make change on a global scale using ground up approaches. Connecting communities of Likeminded individuals who believe in the compassion and understanding for human nature.

I want to dig deeper and hopefully I will find the ways to step into the next dimension. My pursuit of happiness is defined by the how far apart my strides are. I believe my challenge is as great as my pursuit

Give life
Breathe the air of crisis
Give life
Know exactly where the fight is
Give life
Take nothing but a citing
Give life
Read the book entitled
Give life


Be the change you want to see in the world

Sunday, 21 December 2014

National Objective

Citizen Scientists

As time moves forward, the influence of technology in early childhood could result in a disconnect to the natural world. This could ultimately be a deciding factor whether our species continues on a path of decline or if we shape our attitudes to promote positive development and growth as a collective species. The fact that so many couples are now are growing their families in these urban core driven mega-cities leaves them limited to how much green space they have access to. This could have drastic repercussions to their livelihoods and understanding of the innate possibilities of  happiness and love for oneself and others. Nature in fact helps shape these values from a very young age. Nature can develop our value and appreciation of non materialistic things and can balance chemical compositions in the body. Could this help the mind, body and soul? Nature and forests in particular can be very influential in early life.

As more become disconnected, the benefits of nature are not seen. People set grounded with their own values, often times individuals are closed off and not open to suggestion. Growth depends upon learning from failures and striving to achieve the best. How could the world have gotten to where its at if it wasn't for change?
Let us be the information seekers, Let our children be the information receivers, and let collective action change the world.
 Change depends on the openness and willingness to listen to others, take suggestion and make adjustments. One person may listen to the ideas and recommendations of another and maybe change something to make it better?  The phones would never be where they are at if it wasn't for the genius of suggestion; technology alone is a feat accomplished not by one but by multiple geniuses working together to achieve the best product. They work together with a profound understanding of the genetic makeup of a cell. They know themselves and move beyond the capacity of one individual. You begin to see transformation, growth and a similar resemblance.  By the time the process is done, you have two identical cells who have similar capacity to get the same job done. They now move in other directions and start dividing among other cells so that information can be spread across multilateral plains of view.
 When these collectives working together to unite ideas and when that happens the most miraculous things come of it. When we view nature as its own cell we can see it becoming more polluted the more bad things we stack upon it. If we divide the cell as is, we are polluting the next generation and the replication is now tainted. If we can first remove the grime, remove the unwanted elements that don't make nature the best it can be, when we replicate the cell we carry on only the most productive, influential and dynamic parts. This is what we want.  We want the division of environmental sustainability to be a thorough one. We want to know society will understand key pressures that we face  because of the risky faults that occurred in the past. We have to make our cell cleaner and more efficient. Let us be the best form we can be  This will help us become more connected to natural things and ultimately shape our attitudes carried out further into future generations.

Citizen Scientists are people who help in the collection of data pertaining to environmental issues such as migratory birds, freezing and thawing temperatures. This can then help in the development of sustainable practices that go towards promoting and creating more dependable natural systems. I think everyone should be involved in community building initiatives like these.  David Suzuki's mission is a staple of environmental thinking and he is on track with this idea and can create real change if manifested within society properly. I really believe in collaborative change and hope to be involved with projects like this in the future. I would love to play a part that helps shape the future in thinking and the collection of raw data. What a fun experience this could be for citizens of Canada, both who have lived here and cherish the natural heritage as well as newcomers and individuals who want to learn more about the integrity of the land and its capacities to sustain resources and life. An idea like this can spawn creative thinking, new ways of data collection and a thinking that should be engraved to rehabilitate our connection to our environments and the biodiversity that thrives within them.

Let us be the information seekers, Let our children be the information receivers, and let collective action change the world.Let us change the world on the notion that we can collectively understand more when we work with cohesion, strength, dignity, compassion, drive, and most importantly, understanding on matters. We are all trying to understand ourselves, let alone the entire system in which we have been placed. Why not lend a giving hand to others who can help you grasp concepts you might have known before. This is the beauty of participation, teamwork and unity. Let us take time out of our busy lives to appreciate the value in our environment, and to give back by contributing to the collective understanding of all things.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Broken Circle art

Broken Circle.

It's an arts movement in which I hope to drive forces of environmental education through music and culture. Get people intouch with the outstanding ideas that drive the forces of our social systems and political decision making. I want to harness the power of entertainment using my vision and voice. I want to envelop the world in a beautiful masterpiece of vibrant culture and the human condition. I see the world as static and susceptible to change with moving parts; but rigid and reluctant to it's motion to move toward better outcomes.
The fact is that the youth and other people are too caught up in music and art forms that display little gratitude or love for natural things. We are natural things! What happened to loving us, ourselves, one another? Where has the compassion for the human condition gone? Ive said it many times when trying to define the message and what broken circle stands for and when I think about it we are all just broken pieces in this world. It's hard to do it all yourself. It's hard to manage a lot when your alone. But when we come together we form a strong circle of bonds between Likeminded people with similar visions. We develop relationships based on subconscious inferences of this awareness. The universe has it's path. The question is. Are you making a difference in your own life. In someone else's? Have you neglected to help someone out of your own laziness or unwillingness to care? If we start valuing our human relationships and our natural environments then we can start to give back a little bit more and play little more of a role in the 'grand scheme of things'. How can we work together to form a bond between groups of people who stem from different roots of life?
We have to try to tackle real issues in local communities that eventually outreach to other parts of the world. This helps build confidence and character working communities. All it takes are these programs that help manifest ideas into motivated individuals to be their own change they want to see the in the world. We have to take on issues that activism stands for and really get out there and create solutions and find the endgame. Where can we make this difference. We have to start ground up. If we have to go into schools, strive to get on the news and seep into the media streams then so be it, that would be a level of success. Whatever we stand for it should make a difference in someone's life. We have to support these local programs that help strengthen our communities and build character among culturally diverse groups of people.

The most successful products and brands give people what they need and this is what I am trying to accomplish. I want to give sense of understanding and foresight into future think tanks of sustainable businesses and development ventures (whether it be infrastructure or social institutions that need structure). It's all about Brainstorming. Idea conjuring. Difference making. Building up people's ingenious nature to create and act. That's what the Broken Circle is. How we come about this dynamic change is something that will develop over time. If you are still reading this it means you believe in me and what I harness from within my heart and soul. I love what I do and I am slowly forever realizing I'm an artist and that's the way it will stay.

Munzy out

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