Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Mind over matter

  Overcoming the struggle may seem like a daunting task but I have learned through countless years of pain mediation that it really is all, mind over matter.

Long story short I suffered a biking injury that left me with back problems and ongoing nerve issues. Music fuels me, you know? It's what makes all the pain go away. Allows me to feel those wholesome parts of me that got broken when I had that terrible fall. No I would never take it back. It's what has shaped me into who I am. I value the soul more. I'm more worried about the longevity of the human race than I am with partying and getting caught up with time wasting ventures. I am on a mission and I work hard every day ( some days not as much) to get to where I want to be. Maybe I won't stand out today or this year or next year. But I know if I keep doing what I love the right things will start happening for me. I am a man of my word and feel as though I am exactly where I am meant to be. I was built strong so that I could fight the good fight. I dream I can make a difference on the lives of people who may just need a little push. The help is out there. Sometimes the misguided just don't know where to look. It's our job as artists to show them the light and bring happiness into their lives. I want to help inspire others and allow for the individualism and expression of those people to stand out and define my brand. It's all about giving to each other. I never had help and was too stubborn in myself to ask for help. A lot of the time I had a do it myself attitude. I never thought I would be asking for help but this year I will be. I will be reaching out to people so that people can know who I am, where I come from, and where my notions lie. I feel the passion in my words and feel the strength through my voice. I want to work with an array of people and really define a cultural identity here in Canada. It's a global idea and should be represented with global traits and that's what I am privileged to live in Canada so that the multicultural identity of our country can come through.
My path is defined by the steps I take next. We have to overcome any obstacle that the world presents. No matter what is thrown in front of us, there is hope in understanding the issue and solving it. Same goes for our planet. We give back to Mother Earth by allowing for new growth and educating on 'bad practices'. This gives the ability to foster a change in thinking among the ones who affect our planet the most-the masses. I want to learn more and more about current music and culture. I want to know the affect music has on people in terms of short and long term influence. If I put my mind to it, I know this will be my pursuit in life-my career-my passion-my love. I want it to be expression of the beauty we represent as living breathing organisms on a planet so diverse and with so much to give. What I strive for is to allow so that future generations have at least 'something' to see. We need to stand out among the masses and show the crowd decency, power, strength, resiliency and prosperity. I want to bring this through music. Challenge myself beyond my threshold. It's mind over matter.

I graduated from Brock and work landscaping to pay the bills. I realized my passion for writing songs and making art carried over into my adult years and wanted to pursue it further. I want to create a brand around HipHop music influence. In my pursuit, I hope to work on a interdisciplinary level. I want to envelop environmental thinking and sustainable education into a twist on themed music. There is a goal to drive social awareness and advocacy. Maybe in my networking ventures, communities of likeminded people, who understand the need for change can work together to achieve it. Through organizational findings and collateral negotiations within different industries, purpose driven results could fuel actual change. I am not saying that the formula I am sculpting in my head is bang on, it just means I am getting closer to really understanding where this is taking me. In the coming years, I envision through the music and other art forms, we will promote, collaborate, or explore the possibilities of a more dynamic HipHop interest. One likely to be driven by a dark and light contrast of the complexities of life and death. I want to learn more about the human condition and harness the kindness and the giving nature within most of us. Our ability to harden others through experiences is a big plus. I really believe in the efforts of a lot of these environmental thinkers out there. But they are not getting those masses. The ones who will eventually govern our world, run our water treatment plants, make big policy tax decisions, act as our urban planners and ultimately shape the outcome of our planet and its ability to support life.

Success occurs through unification and an ideological shift. I understand now that the youth of our world have to stimulated. Like the artists of our time stimulate us! They hype them us up! Give us the strength and support through replays. It inspires me and brings me up through a cloud of positivity and self reflection. I realIze I do have the potential and drive that others do. I feel as though it's all about taking the right steps now. I have to bring people together. Make a movement towards valuing our time here more. Getting outside more! We have to strive to understand international issues and how they indirectly affect us. We must learn to tackle issues using the Internet and our resources so willingly at hand. I want to create a brand that represents something bigger than the music I am creating. Bigger than myself, more grand than the crowd listening and even more spectacular than all of humanity currently holding up on this little rock. I am in the process of formulating those plans and getting everything in working order to conform to business and industry standards. I have a logo and am ready to take things to the next level. I am done my album that I will be using as leverage to get my movement out there along with a brand logo and other merchandise. I want to share this idea of togetherness, compassion empathy and positive energy projection into the future. I am EnviroHipHop! I just realized the more important things in life after my injury and it is driving me to do what I really want to do. My music represents current and lasting issues our world faces, whether it be political, social, or environmental barriers to overcoming change. I have a vision "Grander than anything I could ever have imagined. Mind over matter. Mind over matter"

Be the change you want to see in the world -Munzy

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Galaxy is me

My thoughts melt away as I put myself into a deeper mind state. My body relaxes. I feel the movement of the earth as I cling to its edges. I feel static to my environment. Electrically charged energy coerces through my body and resonates out my toes and fingertips. I feel the surge...
I feel the hum from the mass of Mother Earth. I trace its movement at an incredible speed hurling it's way through beautiful scape filled with a spectrum of colour illuminated by starlight. I sense the vibrations of enormous rocks colliding in our outer reaches. I melt into the multilayered gaseous state of complex systems of molecules, magnetism, matter and variables that are which beyond the comprehension of the simple human mind. If one was to use their soul body to try and understand these complex problems, the solutions would come innately. As we depend on life and the gift of giving to help nourish our body here on earth to survive the same applies to our soul body or 'astral body' as we travel further into the universe. The environments are very forgiving and recognizable, but also very unpredictable and ruthless. We must be careful as we travel closer to our true domain. There are things we have yet to learn about ourselves and our abilities. Whether is be psychic or premonition filled experiences, the path is yours to take at a pace that suits your abilities. Don't push too far or your task will seem much harder and unforgiving.
The insurmountable task of understanding the existence of the universe compels us and drives us into self recognition and collaborative thinking. We thrive on universal ideas, yet fail to understand their origin.

Elevate my soul. Bring me through the core of the earth. Stretch me across every living animal and plant species that consumes the biological system. Throw me across the sky so that the wind and water touches my heart. Propel me into the vaccuum of space where my soul will stay warm with the heat of my light. Sling me along each planets elliptical string so that I can sense where our future is headed. Might this be the working of some higher power. Allowing me to envision my path into the cluster of stars so that I can better understand myself and others. A fountain of youth Envisioned as a crystal garden with hanging vines and moss, glistening rocks outlining a serene pool of knowledge and experience painted in crystal blue white. This special pool of water will uncover your instinctual nature and show you many things about yourself. Your spirit animal. Where your faith lies. Who your love in directed to and ultimately why you are here. The answers might not be clearly stated and mapped out but experiencing this would give you the foresight to enhance your perceptiveness and follow your dreams and pursuits. You will have to travel through demons and Angels and through mud and sand. Once you reach your destination you will submerge yourself in the water and unveil the masterpiece of an individual you are.

I am an earth bound humanitarian saviour with music to lighten the ears and harden the heart. I will travel through galaxies before my pursuit is up. I am a light being guided by the influence of our solar system. I will travel one day through the sky into the cold dark everlasting vaccuum we humans have declared as 'space'. I declare this 'space' as my home. I live in the galaxy. The Galaxy is in me. The particles I'm made up of surround me in a expansively surreal nature of thought, matter, light, and sound. Everything is relative to time and it's important that we take the 'time' to evaluate ourselves and where are are in our lives. We are a small part of a bigger system. I feel as though when I get closer to those childhood memories I see clearly. I can see and feel be Galaxy.
Therefore the Galaxy is me.

Be the change you want to see in the world -Munzy

Friday, 9 January 2015

Thank you Isti! much love fam

This is a tale of the tall hearted subsonic mind pheonix whos tales are word hords of knowledge enveloped in true wisdom and sighted with momentum of solar powered retention beaming with light and diligance and his name is of simple birth brought forth by means of faith that lies within the last but now becomes a symbol to unite the future, present and past to bring the strength of all his ancestors to the steps of the mass's door's this is HE the fantastical MUNZY...

Be the change you want to see in the world -Munzy