Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Field of dreams

Disappearing into the green thicket of bush, the elder and doe make a move. It seems we see more deer every year. It's like their home is being squished closer and closer to the stream-bank forest cover. They reside with other organisms within their ecosystem. The howls from coyotes echo giving off a sound of vibrato about the sound of leaves rustling through the trees. Nothing is more sacred One day As my father took a couple cautious steps down a stone walkway he heard sounds of muttering to his right. He glanced in curiosity and to his amazement there a mother and and her baby doe standing precariously beside the house. Not a moment to soon, the essence of life is pierced through the eye of the beast. It was much to my fathers amusement to watch as the protective mother made a couple powerful hits with his front hoof to the earth. Resonating with signs of uneasiness the animal made its move back away from the house with ease. The mother made sure the baby was close. They made their way along the bank-side making sure to keep a close eye on their human friend. Moments past and the two hopped through and over broken branches, large rocks and down a Steep grade to find their way 'home'

Their home is out home . And where they live is not confined to one space. We all find our way in the cultural settings we are exposed to and that is why I love seeing art and creations from all over the world. It's amazing to be able to get in touch with those far off communities. Just like the deer, it finds its way making sure to be dynamic, on point, diligent and overall an 'effective species. Where did our effectiveness to tackle world problems go? Are we incapable of performing at the same quality and quantity as previously thought-out. We must act and be role-models to the causal nature of human existence. We must find a way to get in touch with ourselves and follow our real intuitions

For a second the deer relayed such vibrant positive energy glowing through her eyes. We all have to make moves towards the things that we not only love but to find our happiness and comfort through them.

The moral or the story. Follow your dream. Lose yourself in it. Walk into the "Field of Dreams" everything with be okay

ILL kinD

Be the change you want to see in the world -Munzy

What's In My Baggie? [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

NAGATO (Official Music Video) - Kayo x Kardinal Offishall (Prod. Yogidap...

I just love this. First time listen was amazing. So much talent and the culture. Its full of love and truth. Don't go anywhere but yourself to find freedom.

Monday, 26 October 2015


I will be releasing a few hip hop beats I produced for any independent songwriters and up and coming artists who want to showcase their skills. The contest will run for a month and we are trying to get local talent involved so be on the lookout. Toronto Talent we are looking for you #ehhcontest Also scouting global reps, so submit your best bars Whose got "BARS"? I want to see what people can "DREAM" up

#envirohiphop #ILLKIND
Be the change you want to see in the world -Munzy

Sunday, 25 October 2015

EnviroHipHop Logo

Just publishing my final logo design. I have been sitting on this for a while and the time is finally right for me to make documents of my use of this logo.

The date is October 26th, 2015. I am ILL KIND

The designs are manipulations of the actual vector Image. When everything is up and ready full clarity will be visible. Enjoy! 

Aliens ARE REAL 6 Inch Alien Proof: Dr Steven Greer & Joe Rogan

Sunday, 18 October 2015


Didn't your mother ever tell you, "you're not invincible" "don't hurt yourself, it will catch up to you". Don't you remember those days where everything in the world seemed to be at your expense. The world is full of extreme individuals who constantly push the limits on the human experience. Hats off to the ones who made it. I use to do some crazy stunts! 20-30 foot gaps in Rexdale forests, building vert ramps, launch ramps, rails, dirt jumps you name it. Unfortunately on a stupid stunt near a local Walmart in 2004, I decided to do a wall ride on a flimsy fence. To my surprise it wasn't 'steep enough' second run at it I ended up falling off my bike and landing right on the handle bar. The bar end punctured my oblique and left me crippled on the pavement .

Fast forward a couple years and I started really feeling the effects of the fall. I started to see things differently I was in a mind state that shifted my course of history. I value of the human condition more and feel an incredible surge of empathy flooding in my life the older I get.

I was set out to help people face their fears. I was a daredevil and made moves to try and out-do and be the best. I feel like I have always achieved success in hockey, sports all sorts of stuff, but even when I was losing. Maybe that's just how I am. I see the positive in everything. So, when I had my injury years down the road I couldn't see nothing but a positive thing that happened To me for a reason. When I had that injury it changed the course of my life.My mind grew because I was fighting a demon dwelling in my hip. Something was wrong and I knew I had to make some sort of impact upon the world. Through 5 years of chronic pain and constant struggling I overcame the barriers to the human soul. I want to do extravagant things in the future. Make an impact upon the likeness of people and touch the hearts of individuals who want just as much as I do. I want to achieve greatness to allow the achievements of others to be exemplified. I want the youth to be proud of their accomplishments thus far. I want people to see that we have been successors our entire life. We have been predestined to succeed. It is only when we lose our conviction to do such valiant acts, that we lose our ability to 'dream'. We lose the ability to succeed and everything that predates it's success. But when you look past the dark matter that consumes your everyday thinking you will see, we are privileged to be here. We are evidence that success 'is possible' we have been fighting the odds and surpassing impossible feats to get where we are. We are strong organic life that pushed its way through the thicket of society. The greater good should seize the moment. It is a must that through a shift of thinking that we get there as a collective. Just remember you are great. Everything that has gotten you here has been a success in someway. Your dreams are possible. You just have to make the right moves

Be the change you want to see in the world -Munzy

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Eminem - Phenomenal


SO Shady turns 43 young today and I couldn't be more inspired by the journe he has taken us on, and the content creation he procured throughout his time in front of our eyes.  The wonder he brings through his rhyme schemes and lyrical consistency puts him on the top of my charts.  When I get a chance I will shake Eminem's hand and tell him how great he is. Until that day, I will keep working at branding myself and work at getting the attention so that I can create beautiful and influential art like this.  Mad props Em.


Thursday, 24 September 2015

The world is both beautiful and terribly put together

Will looking at the world through a negative lens bring about misunderstanding of the true potential to see beauty and light?

Be the change you want to see in the world -Munzy

Monday, 17 August 2015


Diving in the depths of despair, only to pull wretched souls from the burning fire that is hate driven. I shear a crack in the rock to shed light onto dark moments that was made for me.

There is hope

Where the stars glimmer and stretch across the darkened void, fragmented pieces of hope and love spread like wildfire. The most colourful of moments will come when we start to become the stars we so fondly treasure. We are in need of light and life. As our world drives further and plummets into the thick musty crevasse of space we have inhabited, we understand more of the problems that forego us. We make radical actions to elevate our minds and conscious thought in hopes to become more in touch. We thoroughly expand with the universe as so does our understanding of how to handle it.

We are life

The dynamic ways showing true acceptance and forward thinking is what moves us into the galactic calling of enlightenment and knowledge giving.

Be the change you want to see in the world -Munzy

Friday, 8 May 2015

The process of assimilation

It's a process defined by the ones who seek out greater truths behind the power of suggestion and motivation. We are infinite beings and have the power to harness the invisible. If we tap into the energies we feel, and support the notion of a spiritual connection to our environment, it may seem as though we will vibrate at the same frequency with one another. We will make ripples upon the water we embark upon. And leave a seamless trail that forever draws into the distance. The sun is brighter and brighter each day as we get close to our dreams. We identify with our emotions without ever quite fully understanding them. We relate our problems and lives to the media and the outside forces. Life will always lead you to a path that looks similar to a path you were once on. We move spiralling from one path to the next while always leading to a midpoint of understanding and refinement. It's when we start to stray to the outer perimeter of the spiral that we lose touch of what's tight and solid. Our dreams become smaller bits of rock whipping out into the Galaxy. It's about going with the forces of the universe and everything that is drawing you into the centre. Your life is more directional if you stay with where the rock wants to throw you. Keep tight. Keep spiralling inwards tighter and tighter with each pass, each time refining your actions and methods. Find a better way to do things. We will all fail. If you don't fail you aren't pushing hard enough. It's how well we stand back up that counts. Get back into the game. This is how we grow and learn the best way to carry out good practice. Environmental thinking takes a lot of interdisciplinary approaches that deal with essence of life and human impact upon the world. We must start speaking together as we play our role as little rocks forming together to create a belt of matter in a greater system . We are matter and we matter. Put your head around that.

Tackling the problem on any job takes a lot of strategy between team members. Problems are better looked at with more sets of eyes, ears and minds. If we can never evaluate a problem and assess the best course of action on tackling that problem, there is little hope for change. But, if there is critical thinking is involved in your everyday decision making then problems seem easier to get a grasp on. I draw from the innate feelings when I think about my childhood. I say 'Find your passions!' I make motivational music and art for a reason. I can not wait to share it with the world.

Timing is everything and my timing, is impeccable.

Entertainment and education is at the forefront of my pursuit. I feel as though I can help a lot of people through spiritual practice. Life goals help foster leadership growth, while strengthening ones intuitively hearty driven methods. If you work on your heart- your passion in life-your mind will follow. It makes a big difference in the long run you know, believe me! You will low and behold a mind less cluttered with stress, one that will seem easier when it comes to coping with help cope with personal issues more appropriately, and above all else, will get you more in touch with yourself, your fears and the world around you.

Be the change you want to see in the world -Munzy

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Artistic condition

Help us awaken the grace of our hearts, as you step into the broken circle we carve - Munzy

I wrote this after working on my art for a while. I have been drawing more and my abstract ideas have been leading me to understand more of a balance in my life. I started working on an abstract medicine colour wheel and it's turning out vibrant!

I see it as the Earth suspended upon the Galactic family of big brothers and sisters. We hover in our existence unknowingly subdued by the Earth's forces. We think we have control. But what is in control is something with a powerful persona of energy, balance, strength and resilience. If you would please check out and support my fundraising campaign so I can get more art out there and start giving away pieces for invested fans.

I really appreciate the support, no matter what form and I hold true to what I want to do. There is no straying now. I'm in it and it's becoming more evident of my power in the process. I feel strong and want to become stronger. I want to share my motivational enlightenments with the world. I feel more connected to my surroundings. Nature and animals bring me peace and I can feel my spirit animals calling me. I strive to make this happen so please check out my page at gofundme. It would mean so much for you support and heck, you get a copy of my album :)

Anyways have a great day!

Be the change you want to see in the world -Munzy

Sunday, 8 March 2015

CoyWolf Sighting in Markham, Saturday March 7th

Hey everyone check out this video I put together, music and video created by me.  We spotted an Eastern Coywolf in our backyard, and came ready for a photo op!  Enjoy!  Let me know what you think.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Sia - Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler (Official Video)

I really enjoy this video! The symbolism behind everything is so powerful!  Inspiring and influential artists shaping our hearts and giving us emotional- loving music. I can't wait to start filming and trying to impact in a similar kind of way. 

The way this video portrays an older man and younger woman's relationship in terms of struggle and overcoming hardship is definitely something the world can relate to. It is inspiring and pushes me to develop a more ensuring path to get ideas across in a simple, yet engaging manner. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Self made

I hold the key to your heart
You hold the key to the world
If I can unlock you
Then everything else will unfurl


I have been thinking a lot lately on a deeper level about what I am actually doing. I was listening to this song I just finished and I must have listened to the beat over 500 times. The beat by Lonnie Szoke is amazing I must tell you. We worked hard for a good 2 hours on the beat from scratch drawing from our own creativity and likes. The lyrics I make my own and I feel this indescribable energy posses my body and soul when the moment comes to recording. It is unlike anything I have ever known. It is something quite amazing being an artist to feel that passion and addiction to what you are doing. I decided to write a blog about it and try to break it down. I have rehearsed the chorus probably over 200 times ( maybe way more, since I lose track on 8 hour writing binges). The point I want to make is that no matter how much I tweaked and tried to think in my mind what I wanted it to sound like, when I got in that booth and harnessed the passion and really felt it, I was overcome with something incredible. I did 4 takes and each one was a bit different, as if a different persona was coming out. In those four takes I felt an energy force outside myself-a mass conjunction with the natural forces of earth. I could feel people, see people, feel the energy pulsing through the cities infrastructure. The music came out even more spectacular then I ever imagined. I felt as if something spiritual was happening to me and I knew that that's exactly what I wanted and more. I feel more and more connected to the music and what I want to fuel. It's not about the fame, it's about what the fame brings- the people. I want to be more connected to the people and understand more about empathy, excitement, what drives people, passions, creativity, expression and freedom of the mind. We let ourselves go and no one will ever know exactly wha you are feeling in that moment. In that moment I am doing the high energy music- where I see myself with a strong group backing what we love about our planet and each other. I see a unified presence that surmises the fronts of society. We have to strive to understand what people like in order to, A) correct it or B) encourage it. I hope people can feel the passion in my music when it releases. It's only a matter of time before I am bestowed upon the grace of the land to show you all exactly what I am all about.

I am a man in a mask in the shadows. I am a fan of the fast in the meadows. But let it be known that I apart of a vast system of interlaced paths that condition us under the angel's or demon's wishes



Follow me and be sure to check out my song and help out a financially struggling visionary


Be the change you want to see in the world -Munzy

Friday, 20 February 2015

When I think about the path I have stepped foot upon I see more and more development in a positive way. I understand more now-why I do it-then I ever have. The countless hours of practice and self teaching has helped me grow myself and my talent, The fun and exciting hours in studio in 2014 defined who I set out to be as an artist. The lyrical content is evaluated and the more I look the more I find relevancies to my cause and overall goal. The ideas broken down really define a deeper understanding of the human condition. Something we can all relate to but somewhat feel powerless with. Something that drives us deeper into negligence and posterior prudence. This album is going to change the world and the way we look at politics and government; the environment and human nature; sustainability and social inequality, as well as music and culture. The interdisciplinary approach my mind has taken, while writing this album, has led to the creation of distorted twisted realms of cause and effect, and depicts the trials and tribulations we as humans face while living in society among different ideals. The album is fun but has many dark sides to it that makes it stand out. I take on a unique set of masked characters, along with the formulating of keen settings to host the videos and works. The ways in which I deliver the sequence of events makes the album seem as though each song is a story board apart of a greater story. Currently working on formatting and getting everything in line for release. Overall the path is righteous I feel and movement towards my goal seems closer and closer each day.

Be the change you want to see in the world -Munzy

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Waking up

I'm a universal soul. I make Canadian music and want to spread a vision of oneness love compassion empathy strength, dignity, and universal ideas of community and togetherness. Do you believe you can change yourself? Heal yourself ? Do you feel as if you have the power to heal others? What about this vastly complex biological organism we share? Teamwork is essential to the success of our project so please contact us and let us know what part you play in healing yourself or others? We WANT to HEAR from YOU ! Send us an email or drop us a comment below!


Be the change you want to see in the world -Munzy

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Talking About Environmental Issues in an Empowering Way

   I like to see videos like this.  I stumble upon people that have the same notions about how we have to come about change.  This video only has about 38 views while Maroon 5's- Sugar is reaching a whopping 200 million. Its strange how messages of whats really important in this day in age fail to get recognized even by a small demographic.  I think there is a need for more education and outreach on real issues and this is an example of how we can change the path in which we deliver this information. Its maybe not so much about saying here is the problem and why its important to fix it, but rather here is the problem and here are the tools to fix it.  This is where I come in. I understand that I have to be someone different. Someone with far out thinking that represents a bigger collective of environmental thinkers.  I think young people think older people are all crazy, so why not be a little crazier?  I need to push the limits on my sound, my art, the craft and my experience with getting in touch with the human soul.

I had a dream last night and I vaugely remember what it was about. But I do remember drawing lines and making an artistic piece that was everlasting, or so it felt.  I was drawing lines, and the more I drew them, the more I reflected upon them and how beautiful they were.  I challenged myself in my dream to draw better lines, ones with more character, and then I again reflected on their dynamics, shapes and their uniqueness. I felt as if I kept drawing the art would become more and more in-depth and beautiful. It pushed me into drawing more and more. That is exactly what I have been doing. Maybe its a sign, a message to keep pushing me in the direction I'm headed. To drive my mission further into the Earth so that nothing can topple it. The lines  I was drawing represent the art I have been creating. Sometimes my life is so jumbled with ideas, files projects, current works, past works, compilation, and brainstorming that I need to take a step back and evaluate exactly what I have created. Time flies and before you know it all your work for the project is almost done. But is it? Is this just a single project, or is this that continuous line in my dream that is infintely crafted with links to the past and future ? I know I can dig into my past, and I feel as if sometimes  I can feel the future, or what is going to happen next. Maybe I already know where my pen in my dreams will lead me. I feel my music as an ongoing pursuit that is forever changing and in flux. Its transforms as I become a more confident and enlightened individual. It is a continuous line that draws a line through the universe and all of its energy fields.  As I become one with the line I draw, there is no need for a pen anymore as my mind will create the path and my energy will burn its way. I am Munzy.  I am Enviro. Are you Enviro?

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Mind over matter

  Overcoming the struggle may seem like a daunting task but I have learned through countless years of pain mediation that it really is all, mind over matter.

Long story short I suffered a biking injury that left me with back problems and ongoing nerve issues. Music fuels me, you know? It's what makes all the pain go away. Allows me to feel those wholesome parts of me that got broken when I had that terrible fall. No I would never take it back. It's what has shaped me into who I am. I value the soul more. I'm more worried about the longevity of the human race than I am with partying and getting caught up with time wasting ventures. I am on a mission and I work hard every day ( some days not as much) to get to where I want to be. Maybe I won't stand out today or this year or next year. But I know if I keep doing what I love the right things will start happening for me. I am a man of my word and feel as though I am exactly where I am meant to be. I was built strong so that I could fight the good fight. I dream I can make a difference on the lives of people who may just need a little push. The help is out there. Sometimes the misguided just don't know where to look. It's our job as artists to show them the light and bring happiness into their lives. I want to help inspire others and allow for the individualism and expression of those people to stand out and define my brand. It's all about giving to each other. I never had help and was too stubborn in myself to ask for help. A lot of the time I had a do it myself attitude. I never thought I would be asking for help but this year I will be. I will be reaching out to people so that people can know who I am, where I come from, and where my notions lie. I feel the passion in my words and feel the strength through my voice. I want to work with an array of people and really define a cultural identity here in Canada. It's a global idea and should be represented with global traits and that's what I am privileged to live in Canada so that the multicultural identity of our country can come through.
My path is defined by the steps I take next. We have to overcome any obstacle that the world presents. No matter what is thrown in front of us, there is hope in understanding the issue and solving it. Same goes for our planet. We give back to Mother Earth by allowing for new growth and educating on 'bad practices'. This gives the ability to foster a change in thinking among the ones who affect our planet the most-the masses. I want to learn more and more about current music and culture. I want to know the affect music has on people in terms of short and long term influence. If I put my mind to it, I know this will be my pursuit in life-my career-my passion-my love. I want it to be expression of the beauty we represent as living breathing organisms on a planet so diverse and with so much to give. What I strive for is to allow so that future generations have at least 'something' to see. We need to stand out among the masses and show the crowd decency, power, strength, resiliency and prosperity. I want to bring this through music. Challenge myself beyond my threshold. It's mind over matter.

I graduated from Brock and work landscaping to pay the bills. I realized my passion for writing songs and making art carried over into my adult years and wanted to pursue it further. I want to create a brand around HipHop music influence. In my pursuit, I hope to work on a interdisciplinary level. I want to envelop environmental thinking and sustainable education into a twist on themed music. There is a goal to drive social awareness and advocacy. Maybe in my networking ventures, communities of likeminded people, who understand the need for change can work together to achieve it. Through organizational findings and collateral negotiations within different industries, purpose driven results could fuel actual change. I am not saying that the formula I am sculpting in my head is bang on, it just means I am getting closer to really understanding where this is taking me. In the coming years, I envision through the music and other art forms, we will promote, collaborate, or explore the possibilities of a more dynamic HipHop interest. One likely to be driven by a dark and light contrast of the complexities of life and death. I want to learn more about the human condition and harness the kindness and the giving nature within most of us. Our ability to harden others through experiences is a big plus. I really believe in the efforts of a lot of these environmental thinkers out there. But they are not getting those masses. The ones who will eventually govern our world, run our water treatment plants, make big policy tax decisions, act as our urban planners and ultimately shape the outcome of our planet and its ability to support life.

Success occurs through unification and an ideological shift. I understand now that the youth of our world have to stimulated. Like the artists of our time stimulate us! They hype them us up! Give us the strength and support through replays. It inspires me and brings me up through a cloud of positivity and self reflection. I realIze I do have the potential and drive that others do. I feel as though it's all about taking the right steps now. I have to bring people together. Make a movement towards valuing our time here more. Getting outside more! We have to strive to understand international issues and how they indirectly affect us. We must learn to tackle issues using the Internet and our resources so willingly at hand. I want to create a brand that represents something bigger than the music I am creating. Bigger than myself, more grand than the crowd listening and even more spectacular than all of humanity currently holding up on this little rock. I am in the process of formulating those plans and getting everything in working order to conform to business and industry standards. I have a logo and am ready to take things to the next level. I am done my album that I will be using as leverage to get my movement out there along with a brand logo and other merchandise. I want to share this idea of togetherness, compassion empathy and positive energy projection into the future. I am EnviroHipHop! I just realized the more important things in life after my injury and it is driving me to do what I really want to do. My music represents current and lasting issues our world faces, whether it be political, social, or environmental barriers to overcoming change. I have a vision "Grander than anything I could ever have imagined. Mind over matter. Mind over matter"

Be the change you want to see in the world -Munzy

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Galaxy is me

My thoughts melt away as I put myself into a deeper mind state. My body relaxes. I feel the movement of the earth as I cling to its edges. I feel static to my environment. Electrically charged energy coerces through my body and resonates out my toes and fingertips. I feel the surge...
I feel the hum from the mass of Mother Earth. I trace its movement at an incredible speed hurling it's way through beautiful scape filled with a spectrum of colour illuminated by starlight. I sense the vibrations of enormous rocks colliding in our outer reaches. I melt into the multilayered gaseous state of complex systems of molecules, magnetism, matter and variables that are which beyond the comprehension of the simple human mind. If one was to use their soul body to try and understand these complex problems, the solutions would come innately. As we depend on life and the gift of giving to help nourish our body here on earth to survive the same applies to our soul body or 'astral body' as we travel further into the universe. The environments are very forgiving and recognizable, but also very unpredictable and ruthless. We must be careful as we travel closer to our true domain. There are things we have yet to learn about ourselves and our abilities. Whether is be psychic or premonition filled experiences, the path is yours to take at a pace that suits your abilities. Don't push too far or your task will seem much harder and unforgiving.
The insurmountable task of understanding the existence of the universe compels us and drives us into self recognition and collaborative thinking. We thrive on universal ideas, yet fail to understand their origin.

Elevate my soul. Bring me through the core of the earth. Stretch me across every living animal and plant species that consumes the biological system. Throw me across the sky so that the wind and water touches my heart. Propel me into the vaccuum of space where my soul will stay warm with the heat of my light. Sling me along each planets elliptical string so that I can sense where our future is headed. Might this be the working of some higher power. Allowing me to envision my path into the cluster of stars so that I can better understand myself and others. A fountain of youth Envisioned as a crystal garden with hanging vines and moss, glistening rocks outlining a serene pool of knowledge and experience painted in crystal blue white. This special pool of water will uncover your instinctual nature and show you many things about yourself. Your spirit animal. Where your faith lies. Who your love in directed to and ultimately why you are here. The answers might not be clearly stated and mapped out but experiencing this would give you the foresight to enhance your perceptiveness and follow your dreams and pursuits. You will have to travel through demons and Angels and through mud and sand. Once you reach your destination you will submerge yourself in the water and unveil the masterpiece of an individual you are.

I am an earth bound humanitarian saviour with music to lighten the ears and harden the heart. I will travel through galaxies before my pursuit is up. I am a light being guided by the influence of our solar system. I will travel one day through the sky into the cold dark everlasting vaccuum we humans have declared as 'space'. I declare this 'space' as my home. I live in the galaxy. The Galaxy is in me. The particles I'm made up of surround me in a expansively surreal nature of thought, matter, light, and sound. Everything is relative to time and it's important that we take the 'time' to evaluate ourselves and where are are in our lives. We are a small part of a bigger system. I feel as though when I get closer to those childhood memories I see clearly. I can see and feel be Galaxy.
Therefore the Galaxy is me.

Be the change you want to see in the world -Munzy

Friday, 9 January 2015

Thank you Isti! much love fam

This is a tale of the tall hearted subsonic mind pheonix whos tales are word hords of knowledge enveloped in true wisdom and sighted with momentum of solar powered retention beaming with light and diligance and his name is of simple birth brought forth by means of faith that lies within the last but now becomes a symbol to unite the future, present and past to bring the strength of all his ancestors to the steps of the mass's door's this is HE the fantastical MUNZY...

Be the change you want to see in the world -Munzy