Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Galaxy is me

My thoughts melt away as I put myself into a deeper mind state. My body relaxes. I feel the movement of the earth as I cling to its edges. I feel static to my environment. Electrically charged energy coerces through my body and resonates out my toes and fingertips. I feel the surge...
I feel the hum from the mass of Mother Earth. I trace its movement at an incredible speed hurling it's way through beautiful scape filled with a spectrum of colour illuminated by starlight. I sense the vibrations of enormous rocks colliding in our outer reaches. I melt into the multilayered gaseous state of complex systems of molecules, magnetism, matter and variables that are which beyond the comprehension of the simple human mind. If one was to use their soul body to try and understand these complex problems, the solutions would come innately. As we depend on life and the gift of giving to help nourish our body here on earth to survive the same applies to our soul body or 'astral body' as we travel further into the universe. The environments are very forgiving and recognizable, but also very unpredictable and ruthless. We must be careful as we travel closer to our true domain. There are things we have yet to learn about ourselves and our abilities. Whether is be psychic or premonition filled experiences, the path is yours to take at a pace that suits your abilities. Don't push too far or your task will seem much harder and unforgiving.
The insurmountable task of understanding the existence of the universe compels us and drives us into self recognition and collaborative thinking. We thrive on universal ideas, yet fail to understand their origin.

Elevate my soul. Bring me through the core of the earth. Stretch me across every living animal and plant species that consumes the biological system. Throw me across the sky so that the wind and water touches my heart. Propel me into the vaccuum of space where my soul will stay warm with the heat of my light. Sling me along each planets elliptical string so that I can sense where our future is headed. Might this be the working of some higher power. Allowing me to envision my path into the cluster of stars so that I can better understand myself and others. A fountain of youth Envisioned as a crystal garden with hanging vines and moss, glistening rocks outlining a serene pool of knowledge and experience painted in crystal blue white. This special pool of water will uncover your instinctual nature and show you many things about yourself. Your spirit animal. Where your faith lies. Who your love in directed to and ultimately why you are here. The answers might not be clearly stated and mapped out but experiencing this would give you the foresight to enhance your perceptiveness and follow your dreams and pursuits. You will have to travel through demons and Angels and through mud and sand. Once you reach your destination you will submerge yourself in the water and unveil the masterpiece of an individual you are.

I am an earth bound humanitarian saviour with music to lighten the ears and harden the heart. I will travel through galaxies before my pursuit is up. I am a light being guided by the influence of our solar system. I will travel one day through the sky into the cold dark everlasting vaccuum we humans have declared as 'space'. I declare this 'space' as my home. I live in the galaxy. The Galaxy is in me. The particles I'm made up of surround me in a expansively surreal nature of thought, matter, light, and sound. Everything is relative to time and it's important that we take the 'time' to evaluate ourselves and where are are in our lives. We are a small part of a bigger system. I feel as though when I get closer to those childhood memories I see clearly. I can see and feel be Galaxy.
Therefore the Galaxy is me.

Be the change you want to see in the world -Munzy