Friday, 8 May 2015

The process of assimilation

It's a process defined by the ones who seek out greater truths behind the power of suggestion and motivation. We are infinite beings and have the power to harness the invisible. If we tap into the energies we feel, and support the notion of a spiritual connection to our environment, it may seem as though we will vibrate at the same frequency with one another. We will make ripples upon the water we embark upon. And leave a seamless trail that forever draws into the distance. The sun is brighter and brighter each day as we get close to our dreams. We identify with our emotions without ever quite fully understanding them. We relate our problems and lives to the media and the outside forces. Life will always lead you to a path that looks similar to a path you were once on. We move spiralling from one path to the next while always leading to a midpoint of understanding and refinement. It's when we start to stray to the outer perimeter of the spiral that we lose touch of what's tight and solid. Our dreams become smaller bits of rock whipping out into the Galaxy. It's about going with the forces of the universe and everything that is drawing you into the centre. Your life is more directional if you stay with where the rock wants to throw you. Keep tight. Keep spiralling inwards tighter and tighter with each pass, each time refining your actions and methods. Find a better way to do things. We will all fail. If you don't fail you aren't pushing hard enough. It's how well we stand back up that counts. Get back into the game. This is how we grow and learn the best way to carry out good practice. Environmental thinking takes a lot of interdisciplinary approaches that deal with essence of life and human impact upon the world. We must start speaking together as we play our role as little rocks forming together to create a belt of matter in a greater system . We are matter and we matter. Put your head around that.

Tackling the problem on any job takes a lot of strategy between team members. Problems are better looked at with more sets of eyes, ears and minds. If we can never evaluate a problem and assess the best course of action on tackling that problem, there is little hope for change. But, if there is critical thinking is involved in your everyday decision making then problems seem easier to get a grasp on. I draw from the innate feelings when I think about my childhood. I say 'Find your passions!' I make motivational music and art for a reason. I can not wait to share it with the world.

Timing is everything and my timing, is impeccable.

Entertainment and education is at the forefront of my pursuit. I feel as though I can help a lot of people through spiritual practice. Life goals help foster leadership growth, while strengthening ones intuitively hearty driven methods. If you work on your heart- your passion in life-your mind will follow. It makes a big difference in the long run you know, believe me! You will low and behold a mind less cluttered with stress, one that will seem easier when it comes to coping with help cope with personal issues more appropriately, and above all else, will get you more in touch with yourself, your fears and the world around you.

Be the change you want to see in the world -Munzy