Sunday, 18 October 2015


Didn't your mother ever tell you, "you're not invincible" "don't hurt yourself, it will catch up to you". Don't you remember those days where everything in the world seemed to be at your expense. The world is full of extreme individuals who constantly push the limits on the human experience. Hats off to the ones who made it. I use to do some crazy stunts! 20-30 foot gaps in Rexdale forests, building vert ramps, launch ramps, rails, dirt jumps you name it. Unfortunately on a stupid stunt near a local Walmart in 2004, I decided to do a wall ride on a flimsy fence. To my surprise it wasn't 'steep enough' second run at it I ended up falling off my bike and landing right on the handle bar. The bar end punctured my oblique and left me crippled on the pavement .

Fast forward a couple years and I started really feeling the effects of the fall. I started to see things differently I was in a mind state that shifted my course of history. I value of the human condition more and feel an incredible surge of empathy flooding in my life the older I get.

I was set out to help people face their fears. I was a daredevil and made moves to try and out-do and be the best. I feel like I have always achieved success in hockey, sports all sorts of stuff, but even when I was losing. Maybe that's just how I am. I see the positive in everything. So, when I had my injury years down the road I couldn't see nothing but a positive thing that happened To me for a reason. When I had that injury it changed the course of my life.My mind grew because I was fighting a demon dwelling in my hip. Something was wrong and I knew I had to make some sort of impact upon the world. Through 5 years of chronic pain and constant struggling I overcame the barriers to the human soul. I want to do extravagant things in the future. Make an impact upon the likeness of people and touch the hearts of individuals who want just as much as I do. I want to achieve greatness to allow the achievements of others to be exemplified. I want the youth to be proud of their accomplishments thus far. I want people to see that we have been successors our entire life. We have been predestined to succeed. It is only when we lose our conviction to do such valiant acts, that we lose our ability to 'dream'. We lose the ability to succeed and everything that predates it's success. But when you look past the dark matter that consumes your everyday thinking you will see, we are privileged to be here. We are evidence that success 'is possible' we have been fighting the odds and surpassing impossible feats to get where we are. We are strong organic life that pushed its way through the thicket of society. The greater good should seize the moment. It is a must that through a shift of thinking that we get there as a collective. Just remember you are great. Everything that has gotten you here has been a success in someway. Your dreams are possible. You just have to make the right moves

Be the change you want to see in the world -Munzy