Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Field of dreams

Disappearing into the green thicket of bush, the elder and doe make a move. It seems we see more deer every year. It's like their home is being squished closer and closer to the stream-bank forest cover. They reside with other organisms within their ecosystem. The howls from coyotes echo giving off a sound of vibrato about the sound of leaves rustling through the trees. Nothing is more sacred One day As my father took a couple cautious steps down a stone walkway he heard sounds of muttering to his right. He glanced in curiosity and to his amazement there a mother and and her baby doe standing precariously beside the house. Not a moment to soon, the essence of life is pierced through the eye of the beast. It was much to my fathers amusement to watch as the protective mother made a couple powerful hits with his front hoof to the earth. Resonating with signs of uneasiness the animal made its move back away from the house with ease. The mother made sure the baby was close. They made their way along the bank-side making sure to keep a close eye on their human friend. Moments past and the two hopped through and over broken branches, large rocks and down a Steep grade to find their way 'home'

Their home is out home . And where they live is not confined to one space. We all find our way in the cultural settings we are exposed to and that is why I love seeing art and creations from all over the world. It's amazing to be able to get in touch with those far off communities. Just like the deer, it finds its way making sure to be dynamic, on point, diligent and overall an 'effective species. Where did our effectiveness to tackle world problems go? Are we incapable of performing at the same quality and quantity as previously thought-out. We must act and be role-models to the causal nature of human existence. We must find a way to get in touch with ourselves and follow our real intuitions

For a second the deer relayed such vibrant positive energy glowing through her eyes. We all have to make moves towards the things that we not only love but to find our happiness and comfort through them.

The moral or the story. Follow your dream. Lose yourself in it. Walk into the "Field of Dreams" everything with be okay

ILL kinD

Be the change you want to see in the world -Munzy