Saturday, 23 January 2016

Luxury vs Greed (mall talk)

I'm a man who doesn't lead my temptation to impulse. I look around and see faces and smiles hooked on the idea of something different. A notion our bodies somehow need something to survive and dwell. Whether is be a super delightful chocolate that is over priced or eye catching diamonds in a window there is always something to tempt us. Yes there is luxury. And then there is greed. Luxury is the idea that we have the ability to get good quality items and live in a furnished world with ideal objects amenities and products /services Greed is the misuse of those resources given so to benefit solely one individual. Honestly. I feel as though we can all have luxury. I was watching an interesting interview with a writer whose focus was on jewels and the human focus on these things. Centuries ago the Africans were collecting diamonds and jewels, while wearing them on their garmets in traditional rituals. Stones have always had meaning to us humans ranging from use in royal ceremonies to warriors using them in battle as ritual gems. The reason I say we can all have luxury is that Mother Earth provides the abundant supply of beautiful and exotic gems that we all would enjoy to see. Hidden away deep in caverns and under layers of granite rock these minerals hide from us and our then sold under the greed of other individuals. Traditionally when minerals were harvested we looked at the people that were invested in the development of the mines , the workers and other stakeholders. Today a lot of the genuine nature of geologists really running these big practices is to call alarm for and has had many political issues widespread over the years. The whole issue with blood diamonds and the real chronicle issue going on that many of us do not face on a daily basis. So yea. We love our luxury but don't let it lead you into being greedy. We all need things and we need businesses to survive. You have to pick and choose really what you feel your money should go towards and if you have to live a life in luxury with nice things to eat and nice things to wear. Appreciate them because there are countless others who don't get the privilege to do such things. We live in an unfair works. We just have to see how we can share and be more forgiving and thankful in nature. Jus sayin '

Be the change you want to see in the world -Munzy