Thursday, 18 February 2016

Forward And Spiralling

What are we here for ? Are we here to see the beauty in life as it unfolds beneath our feet. Are we privileged enough to see forward and never stop learning and building yourself better and stronger ? As life hurdles us through experiences we are often left with a set of remorse or reflection. What is important is that we stay true to who we are and who we love. We can only make it so far on our own. We need to feel the spiralling effect of empathy and love. What is life? Are we really just here amongst other lost souls dwelling in the past and never seeing themselves as they stand. I feel people need to reflect on decisions they make along with their actions and really take time to think about their causal effect. I don't get how some people can be so negligent towards communication on insightful matters. We are flooded with disgrace and allow for the hatred to fill our hearts. There is love that surrounds the universe. We just have to know where to look. The problem is though, there is also a lot of hate in the universe as well. We must find out place amongst the stars and make it apparent about who we are what we stand for. Find the tides battle decay with growth. Instill longevity while wiping away the temporary. Although I feel if you Instill good ideas with temporary conditions like a fad or trend you can evoke longer lasting effects into subculture context. We do we have a collective purpose to procure a future for the human race. The matter is when will we all start to stand up and support what we believe in.

Be the change you want to see in the world -Munzy