Monday, 7 March 2016

I see it now

I see it now through the mere crack and broken rubble, through the mess of concrete and wires hung up in my line of sight.

I awaken from a short hazy rest. I sit up and prop on my knees. I rest my hand on the cold surface in front of me, since it's disorientating and dark. I can not make out details only outlines. I draw closer to a very strange illuminating light shining vaguely through the painted wall. What am I looking at I ask myself? I murmur some random jargon is disgust and uneasiness as I glimpse through a corroded wall . The journey here has been rough. The struggle for understanding is troubling. I wonder if I am revealing my breath to anything lurking on the other side...You never know when the animals are going to come out to play and I am just unsure of the environmental state on the other side of this wall. So I sit content. Patient. Dedicated to my craft. I sit Hooded but not warm. I stare out with a monocular, the only thing that I still have left with me on my journey. Making sure it's safe and out of someone else's hand I safeguard it close to my heart. It is integral that it remains with me at all times. I have to keep it safe I have to...It's the only one way of reaching contact with my home-it was necessary that I follow through with my mission.

I see my home. It's beautiful. I see the stars as they shine with thousands of different variations. A beautiful world that will soon be my new home. It's filled with bright lights and moving parts. Everything fuels it and therefore nothing else can stop it. It's magnificent and filled with emotion, fear, happiness, strength , teamwork, success , failure and overall life fulfillment. I'm in this place, shadows accentuate the room and it's feel. I feel Shrivelled up and met with a cold despair in this stone filled place. I must walk with the earth. Feel her breath amongst the valleys as they garner fresh rejoice. Vanquish my fears with the touch of a hundred flowers ; use the mist off a waterfall to wash my sorrow and grant me full access and redemption from my angels light; the ability for the solids and metals of the world to harness the strength and force brought forth through my organic body and soul; let the sky be open to the stars so I can feel it breathing with every solid moment I will open my wings and fly ...once I leave this cold stone made treachery filled place

Be the change you want to see in the world -iLL KiND