Monday, 20 October 2014

The Persistent Existence : The Artist and the Mind

        I always seem to find myself pondering about how I am going to get where I want to be. The point is I don't think I will ever be completely satisfied with my results, progress or pursuit to that point. I will forever strive for something greater. That is the beautiful thing about our dream for success. We are constantly shifting our goals and dreams as life progresses and by the time you know it, the achievements you set out for in the beginning are completely different than the ones you hold presently. We have to build ourselves up-and-out to become more resilient and defined by the experiences that we live and breathe.  The art I live and breathe is my life. Currently, its not as exciting as I envision it, but its still colorful with wonder as I picture myself on a stage reaching out to the people with my sound and my artistic self.  My voice, my vision, my soul-all out on the line to prove my love for people, the earth and the relationships it creates. I want to allow for the discouragements that we all hold to be taken away into a grand sanctuary that rids us of our sorrow. Allow for the freedom of thought and expression to become apart of all of us. Let's create together. My life vision might change because of someone I meet tomorrow. I am open to this possibility as I am to any other event that could occur which would alter my reality. I am open. I can be as open as I want when I want to be. When people test me, I close myself off. But overall I am an open and honest person.

Does this make me susceptible to the pressures of societal influence.?

Do I conform to a norm to go about day to day just meet an end?

    I have been thinking a lot about wanting to go work for a non-profit sector or something with rewarding gains that could help better my understanding of human nature. Just now, I am realizing my direction in life and how I need to use my skills as a strong young man to help tackle real world problems that face our youth, our sick, and our underprivileged. Its about a strong bond that confines us and binds us to others and their emotional state. We feel their pain, and glorify in their success. We need to find that pursuit.
What I can define as my mission now is going to change eventually, I know it. It can only get better, I'd say, because knowledge is power! What I know now I will not forget, but merely those understandings dissolve into my subconscious membrane, subtly undergoing change in tone, as my soul resonates through the corridors that lead to truth and devine wisdom. As an individual, I will better my my experiences forward. Its about understanding our capacity to learn, absorb and regurgitate. These are the things they try to instill early on in childhood but because the majority of our brains can't understand these fundamentals at an early age and we become negatively influenced by outside forces that lead to : unmotivated attitudes, drug use, boredom, discouragement, bullying, self harm. All these things have commonalities. They all stem from a problem that can be fixed from the source.  The problem is the source of their influence when 'it really matters'. I think life is just too fast for people to actually care when its necessary and take the preventative measures to ensure these outcomes do not become a reality. If we can encourage, feed positivism, encourage responsible roles, discourage 'wrongful play' and elaborate on environmental understandings overall then I think we can start building that dream we have hidden in the back of our minds. Our dreams have commonalities; we all want happiness.  Our minds need to expand and if we don't start to help shape these common goals of 'ours' as 'human kind' where will our motivation be to fix it for the future?

Munzy Out