Sunday, 5 October 2014

Time for your Dreams

Working on music can be time consuming! Let me tell you. its been a real balance trying to find time to do want I really want to, which is prepare for studio time on Tuesday and get the album ready mastered and finalized. 'Someones always loses out' should be the tag line to life.  It's a fact of moderation that you have to consider your priorities. If you have too much of something your not going to find time for those things you love to do.  But in the end when you give up one thing for another the attention is immediately shifted and it cases with people they always feels as if they are being replaced.  That's not the case.  In fact, if you go to do something you love and want to do it your not replacing anything rather placing your energy into another idea . Spite is a whole other level but that's not the point of this blog.  This blog is to identify with the idea that artists find themselves alone a lot working on their craft and often more times than not get lost in this world of clarity and fluidity.  Life just seems like it gets so busy and we really have to find the right times to sit down and take on our dreams.  Yeah our DREAMS!  You know those little ideas about what could be? How you can make a lot of money? How you can help people? How you can live free? Whats your DREAM?  I know what I want in my life and it is going to take a lot of sacrifice and dedication to get there. I know that with the help of like minded people, who hopefully I can get to give me some of their time away from the other things in their lives, to help me and my vision become something collective and together. Our vision together becomes a stepping stone to foundations to sustainable thinking and education on global issues. Without knowledge there is no power over the ideas that run our system. We have to functionally become better educators ourselves and take the time to show people how to do things right instead of just watching people do things wrong over and over again. This is called insanity.  Not sure who coined the term but "trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity"

Anyways Its been a fun journey getting all the music together and as these stories progress the ideas keep flowing and continue to overload my brain.  I have visions of music videos, art projects, community programming, charity work, shelter work, fundraising and awareness building through Canadian culture and global ideas so finding the time is a real battle. I am excited about all of it and am just happy to be alive

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Peace. Love. Harmony.