Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Talking About Environmental Issues in an Empowering Way

   I like to see videos like this.  I stumble upon people that have the same notions about how we have to come about change.  This video only has about 38 views while Maroon 5's- Sugar is reaching a whopping 200 million. Its strange how messages of whats really important in this day in age fail to get recognized even by a small demographic.  I think there is a need for more education and outreach on real issues and this is an example of how we can change the path in which we deliver this information. Its maybe not so much about saying here is the problem and why its important to fix it, but rather here is the problem and here are the tools to fix it.  This is where I come in. I understand that I have to be someone different. Someone with far out thinking that represents a bigger collective of environmental thinkers.  I think young people think older people are all crazy, so why not be a little crazier?  I need to push the limits on my sound, my art, the craft and my experience with getting in touch with the human soul.

I had a dream last night and I vaugely remember what it was about. But I do remember drawing lines and making an artistic piece that was everlasting, or so it felt.  I was drawing lines, and the more I drew them, the more I reflected upon them and how beautiful they were.  I challenged myself in my dream to draw better lines, ones with more character, and then I again reflected on their dynamics, shapes and their uniqueness. I felt as if I kept drawing the art would become more and more in-depth and beautiful. It pushed me into drawing more and more. That is exactly what I have been doing. Maybe its a sign, a message to keep pushing me in the direction I'm headed. To drive my mission further into the Earth so that nothing can topple it. The lines  I was drawing represent the art I have been creating. Sometimes my life is so jumbled with ideas, files projects, current works, past works, compilation, and brainstorming that I need to take a step back and evaluate exactly what I have created. Time flies and before you know it all your work for the project is almost done. But is it? Is this just a single project, or is this that continuous line in my dream that is infintely crafted with links to the past and future ? I know I can dig into my past, and I feel as if sometimes  I can feel the future, or what is going to happen next. Maybe I already know where my pen in my dreams will lead me. I feel my music as an ongoing pursuit that is forever changing and in flux. Its transforms as I become a more confident and enlightened individual. It is a continuous line that draws a line through the universe and all of its energy fields.  As I become one with the line I draw, there is no need for a pen anymore as my mind will create the path and my energy will burn its way. I am Munzy.  I am Enviro. Are you Enviro?