Friday, 20 February 2015

When I think about the path I have stepped foot upon I see more and more development in a positive way. I understand more now-why I do it-then I ever have. The countless hours of practice and self teaching has helped me grow myself and my talent, The fun and exciting hours in studio in 2014 defined who I set out to be as an artist. The lyrical content is evaluated and the more I look the more I find relevancies to my cause and overall goal. The ideas broken down really define a deeper understanding of the human condition. Something we can all relate to but somewhat feel powerless with. Something that drives us deeper into negligence and posterior prudence. This album is going to change the world and the way we look at politics and government; the environment and human nature; sustainability and social inequality, as well as music and culture. The interdisciplinary approach my mind has taken, while writing this album, has led to the creation of distorted twisted realms of cause and effect, and depicts the trials and tribulations we as humans face while living in society among different ideals. The album is fun but has many dark sides to it that makes it stand out. I take on a unique set of masked characters, along with the formulating of keen settings to host the videos and works. The ways in which I deliver the sequence of events makes the album seem as though each song is a story board apart of a greater story. Currently working on formatting and getting everything in line for release. Overall the path is righteous I feel and movement towards my goal seems closer and closer each day.

Be the change you want to see in the world -Munzy