Monday, 15 September 2014

Broken Circle

  It started with a couple friends and has now turned into a full fledged lifestyle. I live and breathe BrokenCircle. It represents a collective of people who have struggled with hardships in their lives and can see positive change in the world through media, arts and culture.  I have been fortunate enough to learn about culture and the way our world revolves around our interchanging of ideas and ideals.  It is a constant battle of harmony when political, social and  environmental problems start arising that causes stress to economies, peoples livelihoods and local resources. The idea behind #brokencircle and envirohiphop is to bring these issues to light in an entertaining and dynamic way.

The way in which music is manifested within our world is sometimes degrading and instills the wrong values and ideas in the youth's minds. It is about creating more awareness so that our youth can grow into the stewards that we need to advocate for global issues in the future.  Without the future of thinking being set into the right place, the hopes for true understanding and value towards our natural and social environments is doomed.  We will not be able to face the extensive damage that current stakeholders are inflicting, nor we will the populous understand just how vast these problems really are.

Here's the problem. If we keep crafting our kids into the same, technologically dependent, socially manipulated, and politically influenced individuals, how are they ever going to find inner peace with themselves and what their actual skills and talents are?  They will be so consumed on the ideals (what things should sound like, look like, feel like) that it will be hard to see the truth in themselves, what their potential is, and just how special they are. We will never truly change for the better as a human civilization if things like bullying and racism still occur. Everything is connected, and yeah cutting bullying out from schools might not feed the hungry children of the world, but that change in thinking of helping rather than hurting  can drive those who influence (like the bully) to stand up for something that is real and possibly look at helping others instead, which in turn could feed the hungry.

    There are a lot of people that need guidance in this world.  If there are no resources to provide that then those youth will grow up lacking certain fundamental skills that ultimately would have connected them to their inner self, the world as a whole and the universe in which we reside in.  The driving forces behind success that are available to some may not be to others and therefore those who are without cannot grow to their full potential as living sentient beings of this planet.  Its about a spiritual connection to others around you, your family and the world as a living being herself.  If we can start to understand just where we fit into the world we can start to develop deeper feelings towards other cultures, acceptance, forgiveness, and can start to develop into empathetic selfless individuals.  There are too many people with too much power not doing enough to shape the world we live in for the better.  We have to make a more prominent stand ourselves as broken pieces of this world; coming together to form a strong circle and network of like minded people. Attitude changes everything!