Monday, 15 September 2014


Hey there everyone!  I am going to be trying to update this daily with some new insights on developments with my music, and maybe some relevant topics concerning hip hop culture, the environment and news topics. Its always good to keep up on what is happening in the world.  There are a lot of things we are not well educated on and this blog will hopefully help inform on these underlining issues that affect our money, relationships and more importantly our future.  We are only as good as what we know.  Knowledge is power people.

I am Canadian born, but internationally inclined.  I want to bring the oneness back into the world, one person at a time.  The release album is coming in the next few months so watch for updates on my other social media websites.  I will be creating a new soundcloud and it will be full of fun stuff to listen to while we keep you waiting. Enjoy the blog!

I want to be a voice so if you have any suggestions or comments hit me up in my email at  it would be much appreciated as we are building a network of individuals who would be willing to change the world with us.  Join us. We will offer the most honest and sincere looks at all things organic.  Our sounds, our thinking, our mission.