Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Artist within

I could not envision myself as anything else in this world, but a true artist. Whatever I may be doing, I find myself connecting to everything in an artistic way, whether it be seeing the rings formed inside of a peppers stem, or the way the light cuts through the clouds on sunset. I feel calmness when I connect in those moments and let the thoughts of existence and being here as a thing of beauty overcome my innerself. Why are we here? Its the question everyone wants to know and as we grow up we either drift further away from the ideal or draw closer to its understanding. We are all here, because we are. We live on the same planet but hold different ideals about culture and art appreciation. But we all come from a universal understanding of fluidity, gracefulness, and respect. See respect may be represented differently and portrayed in a different cultural sense, but the meaning is there. See what I had learned in philosophy is that you can uphold the same ideas about a certain negative or positive situation no matter your race or gender. I can use a chair as an example. The idea of a chair exists in our minds. And with that idea of a chair or however you identify with that said object, we start to have visions of many different types of chairs and we can create these different looking chairs in reality. We have sofas, couches, wooden chairs, fold up chairs, metal chairs, comfy chairs, hard chairs, colourful chairs, antique chairs, baby chairs, etc. They are all just a variation of the ideal chair. Serves a purpose.  We use it to sit on.  See the idea exists in everyone's minds about the function of the chair. No matter how you envision the chair whether is be blue or wooden, it is still an object identifiable across the globe. What if an artistic vision that dealt with the same principles was to emerge.  If we could get a large populous to identify with a common goal or idea about the future and our existence here as human species, as environmentalism has helped do, then we can start getting those different coloured 'chairs'. Who knows how far the idea could spread and create global awareness through arts and culture.  One idea, one mission, common goal. Environmental thought serves a purpose, and it helps create the sense of awareness that we need now more than ever.  What happens if we don't have those ideals and our minds are blank and there is no chair. Would the 'chair' actually exist?  This is why education is so important across the globe so that we all grow with better ideas about how to help one another and the planet.  It would be great if we could instill those values about how marvelous the planet actually is with all its meandering rivers, epic cave systems, and incredible landmasses. Where will be when when everyone knows everything about nothing.  That will be the day our Earth will be doomed.  My art will hopefully tie in the ideas about what we once valued in the past but has had little affect on the current population of youth.  More are doing drugs and more frequently.  Is the world too boring? Are you sick of seeing all the beautiful things all the time.  What more needs to be shown?  Maybe its time we start experiencing these things.  Experience culture!  Explore the arts. Find your own sense of placement in this crazy planet and define yourself in the moments that mean the most.  Be the best you can be and never let anyone bring you down. Carve your path to freedom of self and expression of individuality. Make your way with friends and let them be your strength when you feel like falling. We have to come to resolve on global issues and understand that some people are truly out to hurt and make bad judgments. Protect others who don't want to get hurt and strive to more commonly accept others for just being here too.  The world is a small place now, we have to make the moments together produce lasting memories and progressive understandings about what is common to all of us.  Our being, our sense of urgency to get stuff done, our time of rest that we all need.  Be the best you can be and never stop trying, because failure to succeed is one thing, and success through failure is another.

Hip Hop is my Branch, as the World is my Tree
-Munzy  EnviroHipHop